plugins, skins and other resources for computer-based audio production


Advanced Toolbar Buttons

New buttons/controls and new features to work with Ableton Live.

Auto Clip Props

Automatically set the properties of all clips on the track. This includes both existing clips and new clips dragged or recorded to the track.

BPM Converter Pro

Plugin to convert BPM to ms and Hz. Values automatically updated with the project tempo, although the BPM can also be set manually.

Control Matrix

Modify parameters of different tracks/devices without taking exclusive control of them. Save up to 6 presets for A/B style comparisons.

Fancy Menu Bar

Set custom colors for the Live window title bar and menus.


Play MIDI notes always in the selected scale.

Locator Manager

Shows the locators of the project in a floating window. It allows browsing the locators in a more comfortable way as well as adding some extra functions.


Morph Live’s mapped controls and external MIDI hardware controls in various ways.

MIDI Explorer

Preview MIDI files directly on an instrument track, and load them as a clip into the project directly from the device using drag and drop.

MKT Mapper

MIDI key triggered mapper and CC sender. Each time a MIDI note is received, it advances one step in the sequence.

Notes Frequency Pro

Plugin to calculate and display note frequencies.

Random Launcher

Randomly trigger Session View clips on multiple tracks simultaneously.


16-track sequencer with randomization options and envelope lanes to control velocity, map Live controls or output MIDI Control Change messages.

Session Clips

Drag and drop session clips to the arrangement from a floating window.


Create space in the mix by dynamically attenuating frequencies.

VST Macro Controls

Control VST plugin parameters in a more advanced way than Live’s Effects Rack device.

BPM Converter

Plugin to convert BPM to ms and Hz.

Master Pitch

Transpose all MIDI tracks in the project at once.

MIDI Controls

MIDI CC sender with easy naming of controls.

MIDI Wheels

Modulation wheel, pitch wheel and note transposition.

Notes Frequency

Calculate and display note frequencies.

Plugin List Export

Export a list of external plugins used in the project.

Remote Pitch

Plugin for creating up to 64 MIDI transpose groups.

Simple MIDI Router

Route MIDI signals using an audio effect device.

Virtual Piano

Resizable floating MIDI keyboard up to 127 keys.



Skin for Dune 3 with completely redesigned interface. It has a better visual integration with Ableton Live and a smaller size than the original skin.


Skin for Sylenth1 with completely redesigned interface. It has a better visual integration with Ableton Live and a smaller size than the original skin.

Colorful Discovery Pro

Pack of skins for Discovery Pro with different color themes.


CamelCrusher skin with better visual integration with Ableton Live.


Dune 3 skin. Not a simple recoloured skin, the voices section has been redesigned to make easy the selection/solo of voices.

Duneki Mini

Dune 3 skin with simplified controls and smaller graphic size. It has two versions, with and without FX section.

Synthmasterton Player

Skin for Synthmaster Player with completely redesigned interface. It has a better visual integration with Ableton Live.


ALFIL (Ableton Live Fast Item Loader)

Application for Windows designed to speed up the workflow in Ableton Live. Allows you to load any Live browser element from a floating window, avoiding having to navigate through browser folders.

AutoHotkey Script

Script for AutoHotKey that adds keyboard and mouse functions to make using Ableton Live 10 more comfortable.

Auto SC on Master

Template that allows you to apply sidechain effects to all tracks routed to the master track, except the tracks you choose, such as the kick and the bass.

killihu Theme 12

Dark theme for Ableton Live 12.

killihu Theme

Dark theme for Ableton Live 11. Includes KM version with modified knobs.

KM Themes

KM Themes, or Knob Mod Themes, are a small modification of the themes included with Ableton Live. The only change is the appearance of the knobs.

Liveki Theme

Dark theme for Ableton Live 10. Includes instructions and download of the theme editor.

About killihu

My goal is to get a better workflow when I sit in front of my DAW. I like working with a graphic environment that keeps me focused on the sound. Contact me if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.


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