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Control Matrix

Plugin for Ableton Live

Control Matrix allows you to modify parameters of different tracks/devices in the same floating window without taking exclusive control of them. In addition to offering the convenience of having all parameters in one window, you can save up to 6 presets for A/B style comparisons.

There are certain tasks that require small changes to several tracks, which forces you to change tracks continuously (layering synths, for example). You can use some mapping device to have all the parameters grouped in one place. But it has the drawback that you won’t be able to use the controls on the tracks, since the mapping device will take exclusive control of them.

Adding parameters to the Control Matrix does not take exclusive control of them. You can continue to use the track/device controls and the changes will be reflected in the Control Matrix. This way the device does not affect your workflow.

Plus, with the ability to save presets, you can use the Control Matrix to perform A/B style comparisons anywhere in your project. Either on a single device or on multiple devices spread over different tracks. All without messing up Live’s undo history.

Control Matrix has 3 different window sizes, displaying 8, 16 or 32 parameters. If you need to control more parameters you can always load more instances of the device.

As an alternative to the Info view, which shows information about the track and device where the parameter is located, as well as its name, it is possible to use the Notes view to enter custom text for each parameter.

To consider
The device has been designed for mixing tasks and the controls cannot be mapped or automated to avoid messing up Live’s undo history. But included in the download is a version of the device that allows receiving MIDI control changes and MIDI input notes to control parameters and change presets. It has been created for users who demand to use the device in live performances.

Check the manual before buy: Control Matrix PDF Manual

Buy Control Matrix now and get the latest version. Then later, all future updates free.

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