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App for Windows

ALFIL (Ableton Live Fast Item Loader) is an application for Windows designed to speed up the workflow in Ableton Live. Allows you to load any Live browser element from a floating window, avoiding having to navigate through browser folders.

Main features:

  • It is activated by a hotkey that only works if the Live window is active. So it does not interfere with other open applications.
  • Up to 44 buttons can be configured to load any type of element (effects, instruments, external plugins, tracks, presets…).
  • Additionally, a key can be assigned to each button. So once the ALFIL window is displayed, you can use those keys to activate the corresponding buttons.
  • The colors are configurable so you can adjust them to the Live theme color scheme.
  • Several instances of ALFIL can be used simultaneously. For example to have one instance to load effects, another for instruments…
  • It works in any of the versions of Live (Intro, Standard or Suite).

How does it work:

Pressing one of the ALFIL buttons activates the Live browser search box, performs a search with the button text and loads the first element found. Button text may contain file extensions. For example “Sylenth1.vst3” will load the VST3 version of the synth.

Check the online help for more details about the operation and configuration of ALFIL.

Demo version available to download on the purchase page. Limitations:

  • The hotkey for displaying ALFIL cannot be changed.
  • Only 3 buttons available.

About killihu

My goal is to get a better workflow when I sit in front of my DAW. I like working with a graphic environment that keeps me focused on the sound. Contact me if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.


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