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Random Launcher

Plugin for Ableton Live
This device allows you to randomly trigger Session View clips on multiple tracks simultaneously.
  • Track/Scene range to set which clips will be triggered.
  • Capture the clips currently running in a new scene at the end of the scene list.
  • Optional random mode without repeat, so a clip does not trigger again until the rest of the clips on the track have been triggered at least once.
  • Only acts on existing clips, ignores empty clip slots.
  • Buttons for triggering clips and capturing scene can be mapped.

How to use it:

Set on the device the range of tracks and scenes that you want to trigger randomly.

Each time the Random button is pressed, clips on the tracks are triggered randomly.

Pressing the Capture button captures the playing clips in a new scene at the end of the scene list.

Check the manual before buy: Random Launcher PDF Manual

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