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Plugin for Ableton Live

Mapper-Ki allows you to morph Live’s mapped controls and external MIDI hardware controls in various ways. It can be used for live performance and in the studio.

It has a total of 16 presets to store different configurations. Control values can be interpolated when switching presets, either linearly or alternately.

Mapper-Ki Remote

Multiple Mapper-Ki can be controlled at the same time, making it possible to control as many Live parameters as desired. It has randomization options, allowing you to exclude those controls and presets that you do not want to randomize.

The included Mapper-Ki Remote plugin allows you to control Mapper-Ki with an external MIDI controller. It has a specific mode designed for Launchpad controllers.

There are two versions of Mapper-Ki, one for mapping Live controls and one for sending MIDI control change messages. Each one has a curve editor to customize the sending of the controls. The curve editor lets you insert and move points, as well as bend lines.


Check the manual before buy: Mapper-Ki PDF Manual

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