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Advanced Toolbar Buttons

Plugin for Ableton Live

This plugin adds new buttons/controls and new features to work with Ableton Live.

Each button/control can be individually positioned to customize Live’s interface.

Main features:

  • Adjustment of clip parameters without having to open the clip detail view, such as volume, transposition, beat mode, groove selection and others.
  • New mode to capture and insert scene.
  • Global activation and deactivation of tracks.
  • Alternative way to move loop markers in the arrangement.
  • Volume, pan and send controls for the selected track.
  • One-button access to various Live actions that are only available in context menus.
  • Button/control size adjustment to fit any screen resolution.
  • Does not interfere with Live’s undo history.
  • Matches Live’s color theme.

Check the manual before buy: Advanced Toolbar Buttons PDF Manual. And also the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Buy Advanced Toolbar Buttons now and get the latest version. Then later, all future updates free.

Ableton Live 10 / 11 with Max for Live

Live 10 limitations
The following controls do not work in version 10 of Live:
– MIDI clip transpose.
– Clip Groove selection.

Info for Mac users
There is a problem with some versions of the operating system (at least in Catalina). It seems that the operating system incorrectly reports the screen size to Max for Live. It can be solved by activating the auto hide of the top bar of the operating system. In OS settings > General > enabling “Automatically hide and show the menu bar”.

Info about Live 11.2 update
In the Live 11.2 update, floating Max for Live windows are displayed on top of all windows. This means that the plugin controls/buttons will also be displayed on top when switching between applications. In the next plugin update a mappable button will be added to show/hide all controls/buttons at once.
v1.0 – Initial release
Personal license (you have no permission to share)
Is it possible to map the buttons/controls via MIDI or keyboard like in other Live plugins?
It would be possible to do it but it would dirty the undo history. It is a limitation of Max for Live that currently has no solution.

Is it possible to change the volume of multiple selected audio clips?
Max for Live does not allow changes to multiple selected clips. Hopefully this will change in the future.

When loading a saved project the buttons/controls are not shown in the correct position, although the position values are correct in the plugin rack.
If you are entering the position coordinates numerically (by typing the numbers and pressing enter) it sometimes has to be done twice for the plugin to save the value. Instead, if you click on the position control (X or Y) and use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to set the position, the value is saved correctly.

Buttons/controls do not change position when moving Live’s window.
The position of the buttons/controls is relative to the screen, not to the Live window. As with other windowed plugins, such as VSTs, the plugin’s buttons/controls are floating windows that belong to another program and therefore their position is not tied to Live.

When Live is minimized the buttons/controls are shown on the desktop.
It is something that happens with Max for Live devices that have the option to show on top activated. Nothing can be done about it, at least for now.
EDIT: In version 11.2 of Live the controls are always displayed on top, even when switching applications. Older version of Max can be used to avoid this issue.
– The Clip Gain control has a small deviation between 0.01dB and 0.04dB when setting some negative values.
– When Live’s Zoom Display is set to anything other than 100%, the Clip Loop Switch and Clip Warping buttons sometimes display a graphical glitch when no audio clips are selected. This will be fixed in the next update.

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