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Plugin for Ableton Live

TonalTrackSpacer is a device intended to apply an inverse EQ based on an external signal. It allows you to create space in the mix by attenuating the necessary frequencies. Unlike other similar plugins, it is based on musical notes instead of frequencies.

The device controls an instance of EQ Eight so that each EQ Eight filter is positioned at a different octave. Depending on the external signals (Audio and MIDI) it receives, it modifies the frequency and gain of the EQ Eight filters.

It has 8 detection filters that correspond to 8 different octaves. When a MIDI note is received, the device adjusts the detection filters to the corresponding note and octave, as well as the EQ Eight filters. So the detection of the external audio signal is focused on the necessary frequencies and many EQ filters are not necessary to achieve efficient attenuation, which allows using fewer resources than other similar plugins.

The device can be used both with and without MIDI input, so a single note can be established. And it also has a manual mode in which the detection filters as well as the EQ Eight filters can be individually adjusted.

In addition, the detection sensitivity of the device’s internal filters can be adjusted, as well as the speed of action on the EQ Eight filters. So the attenuation achieved can be adjusted to different needs. Also some EQ Eight controls can be used to achieve different settings. For example, deactivating or changing the mode of the EQ Eight filters. Or inverting the Scale control value to boost frequencies instead of attenuating them.

Check the manual before buy: TonalTrackSpacer PDF Manual

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