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Master Pitch

Free plugin for Ableton Live

This plugin transposes all MIDI tracks in the project at once. It is designed to help with the tasks of musical composition, not to automate it.

Master Pitch is an audio effect so you can load it into the master track. It does not process audio, it only sends the transposition signal to all Track Pitch plugins loaded in the project.

Track Pitch is the plugin that you must load in all the tracks that you want to transpose globally. You can load it into an empty MIDI track and save the track as the default MIDI track.

Each time a Track Pitch plugin is loaded, it receives the transposition information established in the Master Pitch plugin. If for some reason it is not received correctly, you can use the RESEND button to send it again.

The colors of the plugin automatically change to match the color theme of Live.

This plugin is free. Clicking on the download button will open the Gumroad window. You can enter $ 0 as the price to download it. Consider making a contribution if it is useful for you.

Master Pitch
Master Pitch
Track Pitch
Track Pitch
Take a look at the Sonic Bloom website where you will find useful devices for Max for Live:
Another example of how to use the plugin in this video from Ableton Japan
Ableton Live 10 / 11 with Max for Live
v1.3 – Added “Track Pitch – MPE” plugin for compatibility with MPE instruments in Live 11.
v1.2 – Fixed a bug that caused transpose to work incorrectly in some of the latest versions of Ableton Live and Max for Live.
v1.1 – Replaced “Master/Slave” references by “Master/Track”.
v1.0 – Initial release.
Free license (you can modify and share)

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