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Auto Clip Props

Plugin for Ableton Live

This device automatically sets the properties of all clips on the track. This includes both existing clips and new clips dragged or recorded to the track.

For example, you can use multiple instances of the device on different tracks to automatically adjust the warping of clips you add. So that the Warp Mode of the percussion track clips is in Beats, the instrument track clips in Complex, or the track where you record vocals has the clips with warping disabled.

Values assigned to clips are total, not relative. If you set the Gain to -6.0 dB you will not reduce the volume of each clip by 6 dB, all clips will have a value of -6 dB.

So the use of the device is recommended for initial tasks in which content is added to the project. Then, when you start developing your project, you can turn off the device to independently adjust the volume of each clip.

It is important to understand how the device works and the effect it can have on performance. The device acts when a clip is added to the track or changes its position on the track. It then sends the values set on the device to all clips on the track, not just newly added clips. So it is not recommended to use a large number of instances of the device in the project.

On tracks with a large number of clips, performance may be affected when the value of the Gain, Pitch, or Fine controls is changed. This causes changing values with the mouse to slow down the GUI and not being able to set the desired value. In those situations, simply click the control and numerically enter the value.

In session view, the device detects clips added or moved in the first 64 slots. Adding or moving clips to subsequent slots will not adjust the properties automatically.

Check the manual before buy: Auto Clip Props PDF Manual

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