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Locator Manager

Plugin for Ableton Live

Locator Manager shows the locators of the project in a floating window. It allows browsing the locators in a more comfortable way as well as adding some extra functions.

Main features:

  • The list is updated automatically when the locators of the project are created, deleted, renamed or position changed.
  • Visualization of the position of the locators in different time formats.
  • Automatic adjustment of the arrangement loop between locators.
  • Function to create MIDI clips from the position of the locators.
  • Function to create locators from the position of the clips of the selected track.
  • Function to delete all the locators of the project.
  • Button to show the floating window is mappable. It is possible to assign a keyboard key to open and close it.

Check the manual before buy: Locator Manager PDF Manual

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Ableton Live 11 with Max for Live
v1.0.2 New features and improvements:
– It is now possible to set the Actions Delay control to 0. If you have a low latency audio interface, the delete locators and create locators actions can be executed instantly or with a time close to 0 ms.

v1.0.1 Bugfixes:
– Fixed a bug that in some projects caused the locators to not be displayed in the correct order.
– Fixed a bug that caused the display in MM:SS to be incorrect in projects longer than an hour.

v1.0 – Initial release
Personal license (you have no permission to share)

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