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Fancy Menu Bar

Plugin for Ableton Live

When working with Live in maximized window mode (not full screen), the menu bar (file, edit…) takes the colors defined by the operating system. Fancy Menu Bar allows you to customize the colors to fit Live’s theme, making the user experience more pleasant.

The device displays a floating window above the title bar and menu bar of the Live window. The colors of the background and the text of the title bar and menu bar can be customized independently.

The colors of each element can be set in RGB format using the number boxes, or by using the Color Picker control on the right.

When the Color Picker icon is activated, clicking anywhere on the screen takes the color under the mouse pointer.

The device is a floating window that appears on top of all windows, even those of other applications. But when using the minimize and unmaximize buttons the device is hidden.

The device is automatically displayed again when maximizing the Live window.

Since many users often use two color themes in Live, one light and one dark, the device has two buttons with which it is possible to change the color theme without having to open the Live preferences window.

Two custom color schemes can be set in the device settings to match each Live color theme.

To consider:

  • Does not support Asian languages.
  • It only works with the Live window maximized. It does not adjust to the size of the window but to the size of the screen.
  • In multi-monitor configurations, it is only displayed on the monitor defined as main in the operating system.
  • The device is shown on top of all windows, even other programs.

Click on the image to see a screenshot of Live with the device.

Check the manual before buy: Fancy Menu Bar PDF Manual

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