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MKT Mapper

Plugin for Ableton Live

MIDI key triggered mapper and CC sender. Each time a MIDI note is received, it advances one step in the sequence. Similar to the incremental MMap function found in Zebra 2.

Main features:

  • Sequence of up to 64 steps.
  • Interval that defines how many MIDI notes advance one step.
  • Different ways to advance the sequence (forward, backward, random).
  • Random step generator.
  • Chords advance only one step.
  • Threshold setting to detect non-quantized chords.
  • Bipolar mode for controls whose default position is the center (such as panning).
  • Slider mode for typical controls with min and max ratio.
  • Mapping of 8 controls and sending of 8 different MIDI CC.
  • 16 presets that can be changed by automation.

Mapping ranges change depending on the mode set. In bipolar mode, Depth adjusts the range of values sent, while Offset changes the center position over which values are sent.

Slider mode is the same as found in other Live mapping plugins. The Min and Max parameters set the range of values that will be sent. When the Min parameter is greater than the Max parameter, the range of values will be inverted.

Bipolar Mode
Slider Mode
Check the manual before buy: MKT Mapper PDF Manual Buy MKT Mapper now and get the latest version. Then later, all future updates free.

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